Costume Rentals…

We rent 7 days a week!  Here are some of the genres we carry, from which you can make many characters from history, fiction, Hollywood and T.V.

Medieval             Renaissance            Colonial              Victorian             Edwardian               Elizabethan               Dickens              Southern Belle           Wedding

Renfair        Faery         Diva         Goddess          Egyptian        Dance            Clown          Cheer

Equestrian          Maid        Police             Steward/Pilot             Doctor/Nurse

Cowboy/girl/Native American          Hawaiian              Animals                   Military

Wizard/Elves          Flapper/Gangster            Disco                   Go-Go             50s

80s/90s              Broadway             Sports           Occupational

Vampiric              Mountain Folk        Depression Era              Norwegian

Pirate                            Prison                            Galactic

Holiday              Tourist            . . .     seriously, we have what you’re looking for.