What We Buy

We are currently buying for Fall and Winter. We look for High Rise jeans, vintage t-shirts and leather boots all year long. We pay 30% CASH and 45% store credit based on the resale value your items receive.

Please note, in October we focus primarily on the rental aspect of Maude. Walk-ins for selling should be limited to the first week of October only; otherwise, we may ask you to come back in November. Feel free to give us a call during October if you have things to sell and we can let you know if the time is good due to HEAVY foot traffic for our costume rentals. Thanks!

We look for Vintage, early ’90s and before, or high end and ecclectic Modern. Vintage can be collectable, but more importantly, be in alignment with current fashion trends.

Clothes should be in good condition and clean; otherwise we may opt to place an “as is” value on garments that need work.

Modern clothing should be from this year or last and have a classic look or complement vintage style as well as be high end and unique!

We NEED men’s and women’s JEANS. Vintage AND Modern.

Walk-ins taken 7 days a week. However, if you have a large amount of vintage, you should call to make an appointment so we can best serve your selling experience at Maude.

We take clothes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, and costumes.

What we buy